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Yesterdays interview of louis ck on the daily show was SO perfect

He just said everyone was right and at the same time telling everyone to fuck off lol
(subject was the whole daniel tosh, comedians, feminists, bloggers and guys)

Kathleen Quinlan on Daniel tosh

Daniel Tosh perpetuates rape culture and his response to that “heckler” was to silence her, which is what happens when women speak up and demand to be treated as humans with feelings who do not want to be treated as jokes and do not want to have the most humiliating violation of their bodies to be punchlines. As long as Tosh is on the air, men will continue to see nothing wrong with rape and rape culture—and the women who speak out against it are “bitches” and “ignorant sluts”.

—Kathleen Quinlan, Take Daniel Tosh Off the Air

Yes Kathleen. because Daniel tosh goes to your workplace and interrupts you when you are trying to act. starts yelling “THIS IS SO FAKE!”. you know because you are an actress and that means that you “act” a certain way that might not portray a real situation. And that might make you mad and respond to his INTERRUPTION of your work in a irrational way. But because he is a man that means he should not be treated any different that a woman would if she did something similar. and his actions should have a repercussions. Because even if Daniel paid a fee to go to where you work he dose NOT have the right to interrupt you while you are working.