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Kid Rock&Sean Penn AMERICANS a public service announcement.
Im not sure how to feel about this…

Presidential debate

Obama was weak.
Romney contradicted himself within SAME sentences.
Snooky would’ve been more effective at telling Romney to shut the fuck up and wait his turn.

Obama cutting short campaign after batman shooting

President Obama has cut short his campaign schedule Friday in light of the shooting tragedy in Colorado.

Obama is to travel as scheduled to Ft. Myers, where he will deliver brief remarks acknowledging the death of at least a dozen moviegoers at a screening of the new Batman movie overnight.

From there, he will return to the White House, skipping a second scheduled appearance in the Orlando, Fla., area that was to be the fourth stop on a two-day Florida campaign swing.

The White House said Obama, who spent the night in Manalapan, Fla., was notified of the shooting at 5:26 a.m. EDT by his homeland security advisor, John Brennan.

In a prepared statement, the president said he and the first lady were “shocked and saddened” by the incident, and that “we must now come together as one American family.”

Separation of church and state. (as intended by our founding fathers)

Separation of church and state. (as intended by our founding fathers)

just found this right winged blog

This is the first post i saw and it’s a question

just read it and be amazed at how much stuff he pulls out of his ass in just one post

  • "imachainsaw asked: again, you’re not answering my question, but making your accusation more verbose. I said explain to me how more students = higher costs to attend. because frankly I don’t see a reason that tuition fees need rise based on student enrollment. more students does not equate to education becoming scarcer. so if it indeed not the case, then there’s no argument as to whether illegals increase the burden on citizens or not. also, how do you of illegals getting free tuition? ive seen firsthand they cant

Are you serious? You’re not even reading my responses, are you. I said this: “The more people in a college, the more cost that is to the college, and the more they have to charge their students.” Let me spell it out even further for you: the more people in a college, the more the college has to spend on buildings, on books, on supplies, and they offset those expenses by charging students more. That’s the way it has to be done, so that’s the way it IS done.

I suppose you’re now going to again say, “But how do more students equate to higher costs?”
Also, since you brought up grammar in your last question, I will point out that you aren’t capitalizing at the beginning of your sentences or apostrophes in conjunctions. I never point this out to people, but when you made a point to tell me you scored a 95% in the English portion of the ACT, I thought, “Okay, he wants to go there?”
So now you ask, “How do you of illegals getting free tuition?” There are several things you might have meant by this, so I’m just going to take a stab and assume you’re asking me how I know illegals get free tuition. Well, again, you seem to not be reading my responses, at least not thoroughly, because I already told you that some states allow illegals to attend college for free. I’ll also point out that liberals (your fellow travelers) generally agree with this and are trying to spread it to other states. So don’t be shocked that it’s happening; liberals WANT it to happen.”

just how does the logic work? no evidence of the comments he is making, no links to anything… just pull of my ass that’s enough.

Two US senators, angered by what they said was Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s deliberate tax avoidance, announced legislation Thursday to stop him and other exiles from re-entering the country.

Senators Chuck Schumer and Bob Casey, both Democrats, voiced their outrage at Saverin and said the young mogul had effectively “defriended,” himself from the United States by renouncing citizenship and opting to settle in Singapore.

(this made me so happy, hope it passes)

and his son…

and his son…

where the historic moment of a man supporting equality is met with skeptisism…

and where an abusive discriminatory story of the man they love is as important as a twinky